Careers - Overview

Last Updated: 2022-05-05

Meeting tips

On the first slide

3 parts:

  • Goal
  • executive summary
  • request of the audience

To start a meeting

  • "Thank you for your time."
  • On your first slide:
    • Goal: "The purpose of this meeting is ..."
    • Executive Summary: "The key points we will focus on ..."
    • Request of the audience (want feedback, need a decision, etc)
  • "How does that sound? anything else you'd like to include in this discussion?"
  • "Let's get started."

In the middle of the meeting

  • add a "listening slide"

Email and Writing tips

  • keep it short.
    • use bullet points.
    • short words, 8 letters or less, avoid -ing, -ization
    • short sentences, up to one comma; lose the opening clauses ("When it comes to ...")
    • Use the right tool to follow up: ask for comments, link to Google Docs; ask to fill in info, use Google Sheets
  • "Rule of Three"
  • What does the author need (highlight call to action)
  • What do the readers need to know (context, structure (bullet points, highlights)
  • serve the "steak" first: put the number first "98% of men prefer chocolate," first word should not be "I" or "We"; make the next step clear to the reader.

Informational Interview


  • Day to day function / R&R
  • What is most exciting about your role?
  • Past trajectory that led to being in the current role?
  • Advice for earning a role on your team?


  • Direction the team is moving in, high growth? Vendorizing?
  • What's the biggest challenge in the team right now?
  • Broader team dynamic - more team based v. individual?


  • Skill sets that are essential to excel in the role / team?
  • Advice for someone to gain X required skill (i.e. marketing) if currently lacking it?