Last Updated: 2021-12-10

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Tech Lead - responsible for

  • leading a dev team
  • quality of deliverables
Urgent Less Urgent
Important Do Decide
Less Important Delegate Delte

Notes from Books and Videos

Video: You're The Tech Lead! Now What?


  • Facilitate: help your team do their jobs
    • remove roadblocks
    • perceive the need
  • Advocate: keep the big picture in mind
    • say NO to feature creep
  • Motivate: guide your team to the best possible result
    • sent the tone for the team, do not panic


  • use tickets, hours, burdowns
  • write down everything (and send recap emails)
  • passive-aggressive whiteboarding (go through the design on whiteboard with the engineer and ask questions (answers you may already know))

Radical Condor

The book gives a simple framework based on 2 dimensions: Care Personally and Challenge Directly:

  • Ruinous empathy: high on Care Personally and low on Challenge Directly
  • Obnoxious aggression: low on Care Personally and high on Challenge Directly
  • Manipulative insincerity: low on both dimensions
  • Radical candor: high on both dimensions

Debugging Teams: Better Productivity Through Collaboration

  • Software engineering is a team sport
  • Leadership is about removing roadblocks, not giving orders
  • Professional social skills are at least as critical as technical skills: Humility, Respect, Trust.