Careers - Overview

Last Updated: 2022-02-21

Mentor vs Sponsor

  • mentor: someone who talks to you
  • sponsor: someone who talks about you (e.g. to other leaders)

Stakeholder Management

  • build trust with stakeholders
  • build relationships with others and help them see the value of your ideas.
  • develop the ability to listen and understand the needs and wants of your stakeholders so you can help meet those needs and wants through your ideas and suggestions.

Mapping: Identify and map who your stakeholders are; analyze their role and needs; prioritize who needs the most attention based on their interest and influence

Alignment: Learn a way to speak and communicate to your stakeholders interests so they are more willing to listen and support

Ask for working styles

  • When collaborating, do you prefer email or gChat? Are there certain things you like better for each?
  • Do you like to be plussed into comments into comments in a deck or prefer I hold my questions for a 1:1?
  • If I’m sharing a project over GVC, do you prefer I send it ahead of time or is it unlikely you will look at it until we meet?
  • I’d like to respect your working hours. What are they?


  • schedule regular 1:1.
  • keep a doc for 1:1, add agenda, pre-read, follow up email.
  • talk about awkward topics instead of status updates, something that cannot be discussed publicly.

Other tips

  • know your strength
  • document your accomplishments
  • meet with your manager's manager
  • engage diagonally: with your manager's peers, or partner teams (sales)
  • consider multiple options and give your recommendations
  • ask to be in the room
  • project / idea: get 1:1 feedback before present to the group, try to get greenlight ahead of time