Updated: 2020-06-29

What is Docker

When we talk about Docker, usually we are referring to Docker Engine, which consists of

  1. the Docker daemon (dockerd)
  2. a REST API that specifies interfaces for interacting with the daemon
  3. a command line interface (CLI) client (docker) that talks to the daemon (through the REST API wrapper), e.g. docker run <image>, docker image ls.

Because Docker operates at the OS level, it can still be run inside a VM!

2 most important APIs: Images and Container APIs

Docker Compose vs Docker Stack

  • docker-compose: a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications; a separate tool built in Python, internally uses the Docker API to bring up containers according to the specification
  • docker stack: built-in docker CLI, no additional packages needed; written in Go; (successor of docker-compose?)
  • both works with docker-compose.yml, however docker stack only works with version 3.

Docker for Mac

The Docker for Mac application does not use docker-machine to provision that VM; but rather creates and manages it directly.


Both CMD and ENTRYPOINT instructions define what command gets executed when running a container. There are few rules that describe their co-operation.

Dockerfile should specify at least one of CMD or ENTRYPOINT commands. ENTRYPOINT should be defined when using the container as an executable. CMD should be used as a way of defining default arguments for an ENTRYPOINT command or for executing an ad-hoc command in a container. CMD will be overridden when running the container with alternative arguments.


List networks:

$ docker network ls


  • null: the container does not have external network interfaces, only a local loopback interface.
  • host: the container is attached to the host's network, the configs inside the container matches the configs outside the container.
  • bridge: containers connected to the same bridge network can communicate; containers on different bridge networks cannot communicate directly with each other.

To get more details:

$ docker network inspect bridge