GatsbyJS - Overview

Updated: 2019-02-24

About Static Website Generator

Static website generator can generate static HTML offline, so they can be served with an HTTP server with dead simple configuration, or with Amazon AWS S3 or similar services.

There are quite a few open sourced tools out there, most of which convert Markdown or other formats to HTML files, using some share layouts and stylesheets. Functionally they are similar, but I'd suggest you choose the one with underlying language/framework you are familiar with, so you can easily understand how it works and customize it if needed.

  • Gatsby(Official Website): if you like React and Javascript. My personal choice.
  • VuePress: if you like Vue instead of React.
  • Hexo: Javascript
  • Gitbook: also Javascript, but the CLI tool is abandoned, it becomes a closed publishing web service.
  • Jekyll: Ruby. Created by GitHub.
  • Nanoc: Ruby. the first such toolset I've used.

Trouble Shooting

$ gatsby build hangs after Building production JavaScript and CSS bundles on WSL Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

Work around:

  • open file node_modules/gatsby/dist/utils/webpack-utils.js
  • search for plugins.minifyJs
  • change from parallel: true to parallel: false,