Update Bits


Given two 32-bit numbers, N and M, and two bit positions, i and j. Write a method to set all bits between i and j in N equal to M (e g , M becomes a substring of N located at i and starting at j)

Notice: In the function, the numbers N and M will given in decimal, you should also return a decimal number.


Given N=(10000000000)2, M=(10101)2, i=2, j=6, return N=(10001010100)2

Code - Java

class Solution {
     * @param n, m: Two integer
     * @param i, j: Two bit positions
     *           return: An integer
    public int updateBits(int n, int m, int i, int j) {
        long mask = (~0L << j + 1L) | ((1L << i) - 1L);
        return (int) ((n & mask) | (m << i));