What is Trending

Updated: 2021-11-19

Checkout what is trending, do not learn something doomed to be deprecated.

StackOverflow Insights


Annual developer survey. And compare the popularity on the trends page.

GitHub Octoverse


Updated every October (before the Nov/Dec holiday season) summarizing the trends this year.

Besides the annual summary, check https://github.com/trending for current tranding GitHub repos.

DB Engines: Database Ranking]


Updated every month, ranking 300+ databases.

TIOBE: Programming Languages Ranking


Updated every month, ranking the programming languages.

PopularitY of Programming Language


Similar to TIOBE ranking but by analyzing how often language tutorials are searched on Google.




Compare the open source projects.

Thoughtworks Radar


Native Apps -> Hybrid Apps

(From TIOBE Oct 2017)

Until recently it was quite common to program Android apps in Java and iOS apps in Swift/Objective-C. This is quite cumbersome because you have to maintain two code bases that are doing almost the same. So frameworks for mobile hybrid apps were developed and now that they have grown mature these are becoming very popular. Market leaders in this area are Microsoft's Xamarin (C#), Apache's Cordova (JavaScript) and Ionic (JavaScript). The consequences of all of this are that languages such as C# and JavaScript are gaining popularity at the cost of languages such as Java and Swift.

monorepos and single master branch

Monorepos have been successfully used in big companies like Google and Facebook.

Tools like lerna can be used to build multiple packages from the same repo. One example is babel.


Bower -> Yarn/WebPack

bower is being deprecated, yarn and webpack are recommended.

Polymer 3 is migrating from bower to yarn


AWS Lambda


Embed CSS in Javascripts: https://github.com/Khan/aphrodite