Build a PC

Updated: 2020-06-29

5 components that define the performance

  • CPU (and cooler)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Storage (SSD/HDD)
  • GPU

Other things inside the tower

  • Case
  • PSU
  • Wireless Card

Accessories and Peripherals

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard + mouse
  • Speakers


  • USB4: spec ready, adoption expected to start from 2021. Thunderbolt 3 will become part of USB 4 standard.
  • PCIe 5.0: introduced in 2019, mass production in 2020
  • PCIe 6.0: planned to be introduced in 2021

Tools you need

ESD Wrist Straps


The current generation is Wifi 5, or IEEE 802.11ac

The next generation is Wifi 6, or IEEE 802.11ax. You would need BOTH Wifi 6 routers AND Wifi 6 devices to take full advantages of it.

  • Wifi 6 is faster than Wifi 5, but may not be that obvious.
  • The true difference is that Wifi 6 can support more devices

    • MU-MIMO, or "multi-user, multiple input, multiple output", is upgraded from 4 devices to 8 devices
    • OFDMA, or "Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access", allows one transmission to deliver data to multiple devices at once.
  • Improve battery life, especially for low-power, IoT devices.
  • Better security: WPA3

Wifi 6 adoption is going up. Now high end devices, like iPhone 11+ and iPad Pro, are supporting Wifi 6.

Some motherboards have Wifi chips built-in, otherwise you can buy a PCIe Wifi card or USB Wifi Adaptor