Cloud - AWS

Last Updated: 2023-02-14


  • -a: AMD
  • -g: ARM
  • -n: networking (100 Gbps networking)
  • -e: enhanced storage
  • -d: Local NVMe-based SSD storage

Nitro System

Nitro = dedicated hardware + lightweight hypervisor

Hypervisor is very thin becauses functions (network, storage and management) are offloaded to dedicated hardware, so CPU can be used for more important computing jobs. Thanks to the ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) from Annapurna Labs, a company that Amazon acquired.

Nitro Hypervisor: built on KVM, but does not include general purpose operating system components.

VPC by default

Now aws supports only EC2-VPC: you have a default VPC in each AWS Region.

Cloud WAN (wide area network) can be used to connect multiple VPCs in different regions.

S3 Compatible API

S3 is so successful that many products / services provide S3 compatible APIs. E.g. NetApp's StorageGrid, Backblaze, MinIO, etc.