Hybrid Cloud

Last Updated: 2023-02-15

You may have seen buzzwords like hybrid cloud / private cloud / super cloud / meta cloud / distributed cloud, they are all trying to describe the next evolution of cloud computing: instead of using one single public cloud, your computing need is fulfilled by a mix of the following options.

  • Public clouds: AWS, GCP, Azure.
  • Edges
    • Customer Edge: Customer’s site – retail store, hotel, stadium, factory, industrial site.
    • Telco Edge: Telco network edge locations – regional, metro, or cell site.
    • Cloud Edge: Cloud provider PoP or edge location – owned and managed by cloud provider.
  • Private on-prem data center.
  • Disconnected: e.g. cruise ships.


Public sector: military, law enforcement, infrastructure, public transit, public education, along with health care and those working for the government itself, such as elected officials.


  • Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty
  • Google: Sovereign Controls for its Workspace

Public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) are investing in hybrid cloud offerings to meet the sovereignty requirements (in the increasing order):

  • Data Sovereignty: data is stored and processed in a given region / sovereign boundary.
  • Operational Sovereignty: Data Sovereignty + a seperate cloud instance managed by partners.
  • Software Sovereignty: Operational Sovereignty + run in on-prem data centers disconnected from the cloud provider.

Example requirements: French "Trusted Cloud".

Products / Services:


AWS Outposts, EKS Anywhere


Google Distributed Cloud (GDC): Anthos evolved (or rebranded ...)

Read More: GCP


Azure Arc (software, management, monitoring, etc) + Stack (hardware, k8s, VMs, etc)

IBM / RedHat


  • basically an opinionated version of Kubernetes from RedHat.
  • expanded to VMs by investing heavily in OpenShift Virtualization (Kubevirt).


  • VMWare:
    • vSphere / vCenter / vCloud Director
    • expanded to containers with Tanzu
  • Nutanix


Utility-priced systems:

  • HPE: Greenlake
  • Dell: Apex
  • Lenovo: TrueScale
  • Cisco Systems: Hyperflex and X-Series and Intersight


  • Pure Storage (all-flash storage)
  • Netapp


  • Cisco