Getting Ready for the Interviews

Last Updated: 2023-09-19

When you are ready to apply

Update your resume

Make sure your resume is up-to-date:

  • the contact is correct.
  • the link to your own website.
  • linked page is not broken.
  • the part that matches the job description is highlighted.
  • your most recent experiences are added.

You may need different versions of resumes for different positions.


  • Let the Companies Find Yous
    • Update your Linkedin page to show the recruiters you are open to new positions. You will receive messages from the recruiters and you can apply from there.
    • Hired
  • Use online job search engines
    • indeed.com
    • SimplyHired
  • Go through your dream company list.

Apply in the reversed order of your preferences, so you can accumulate some experiences before you interview the one that you really really want to join. Find the "Careers" or "Jobs" page (usually in the footer) and see which positions are open.

Once the interviews are scheduled

Now you know which company and position you will be interviewed, go through this checklist:

Research the company and the position

Learn about the business and products. Read the job description and learn about the resposibilities and requirement, be prepared to answer any questions related to them.

Research The Interviewers

In some cases you know the interviewer's name before the interview, then you can search online or find the intervieer's Linkedin page to know more, e.g. their speciaties, past experiences, etc.

Get familiar with your resume

  • be ready to discuss any experience on resume
  • do not put anything that you cannot provide details or reasoning

Find recent interview experiences Online

People may share their job interview experiences online, for example, on Glassdoor. Read at least the recent ones to get some ideas about what to expect. And some technical questions may be reused (the interviewer tends to ask the same questions so they can direct compare the answers from different candidates; another reason is that some companies have standard question libraries).