What To Ask At The End Of The Interview

Last Updated: 2023-09-19

High Level

  • Ask about company/team culture.
  • Ask about a product/project.
  • Ask about the challenges.
  • Ask about personal growth opportunities.
  • Ask about the interview process or ask for feedback.

Example Questions

  • If you were to not offer the job to me, what would be the reason?
  • What are your expectations for this role during the first 30 days, 60 days, year?
  • If I were offered this position and joined your company, how would you measure my success and what could I do to exceed your expectations?
  • How Could I Help Your Company Meet Its Goals?
  • What Excites You About Coming into Work?
  • Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
  • What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
  • Describe the culture of the company.
  • Where do you think the company is headed in the next 5 years?
  • Who do you consider your top competitor, and why?
  • What are the biggest opportunities facing the company/department right now?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the company/department right now?
  • What do you like best about working for this company?
  • What is the typical career path for someone in this role?
  • How do I compare with the other candidates you’ve interviewed for this role?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • What’s your typical work day like?
  • What’s the process of taking an idea you have from an inception and shipping it to production?
  • What fraction of your time is spent building new things versus maintaining old ones?
  • How do product / business / engineering decisions get made at the company?
  • What’s one thing you really like about working at the company and one thing you’d like to improve? What’s being done about the thing you’d like to improve?
  • What are the core values of the company, and what are some examples of how they’re reflected day-to-day?
  • How would you describe the culture of the company?
  • How did this particular product feature get designed and launched?
  • Why did you decide to launch this particular version instead of this other one?
  • How has the product evolved since launch based on user feedback?
  • What’s the most unexpected lesson that you’ve learned on the job?
  • What is the onboarding or mentoring process like (if any) for new hires?
  • What opportunities have you had to work with different people and projects during your time at the company?
  • How is knowledge across projects documented and shared at the company?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to this company becoming massively successful?
  • What are the current priorities and focus areas at the company?
  • Where would I be able to add the most value?

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