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Kubernetes - client-go

Updated: 2022-07-25



The ListerWatcher interface in the client-go SDK, used in all Go-based Kubernetes controllers, plays a critical role on how these events are generated, propagated and reliably consumed throughout the various Kubernetes components and actors.

type ListerWatcher interface {

list and watch



client-go cache:

  • Reflector watches a specified resource and causes all changes to be reflected in the given store.
  • Store is the interface of the cache; ExpirationCache is one of the implementation.

Package cache is a client-side caching mechanism. It is useful for reducing the number of server calls you'd otherwise need to make. Reflector watches a server and updates a Store. Two stores are provided; one that simply caches objects (for example, to allow a scheduler to list currently available nodes), and one that additionally acts as a FIFO queue (for example, to allow a scheduler to process incoming pods).