Last Updated: 2022-02-05

Smart contract != block chain != crypto currency

Bitcoin may be a hype; the underlying technology, known as Blockchain, could disrupt many industries. As long as you are dealing with transactional data, Blockchain can help.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system, which would provide secure and permanent records.

Blockchain's Promises

  • no downtime, no error or lost records. On traditional server architectures, if a single app is compromised or goes offline, many users and other apps are affected.
  • no censorship, transparent, safe, auditable, no fraud: multi-source identification
  • no third-party interference. By tokenizing the process and eliminating any middlemen

Blockchain's Applications

Or the industries that may be disrupted by Blockchain

blockchain solves https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Generals%27_Problem




Zen Protocol

Use Cases

Whenever an Intermediary is Needed

Banking and Payment

Now money transfer needs to go through the banking systems. Problems: fees, time to clear the transaction.

Blockchain can provide a low fee and instant solution to money transfer.

Real Estate

Blockchain can store all the documents and transactions

  • reduce the paperwork required
  • reduce the cost of the transaction. Deedcoin reduces the agent commission rate from 6% to 1%.
  • secure: release funding only when the conditions are met.
  • send money cross-border
  • Abra: bitcoin-based remittance


  • blockchain can take care of voter registration, identity verification
  • count only the legitimit votes, no changes or removals.


  • securely storing medical records
  • accurately and safely transferred to and accessed by the doctors and people who are authorized.
  • Blockchain will aid in the authorization and identification of people.


  • Legal documents, like wills, can be securely store in Blockchain. Any changes to the documents will be authenticated and stored.
  • inheritance: easily pass down digital assets

Startup Funding

  • Pitch Ventures: startups pitch investors live in a secure manner.


  • reduce cost of video traffic by decentralizing video encoding, storage, and content distribution
  • VideoCoin


  • SocratesCoin

Cyber Security

Supply Chain

  • reduce time and cost on monitoring, avoiding human errors
  • track origin to verify authenticity(e.g. fair trade)

Analysis and Forcasting

  • Augur

Networking and IoT

  • eliminate need for centralized servers to handle communiacations


  • manage trust, ensure identity
  • aeternity

Ride Sharing

  • peer to peer ride sharing

Cloud Storage

  • avoid comprimise and missing data


  • track donations
  • bitgive


  • transparency in operation, reduce corruption

Employee Benefits


  • Energy producers and users trade through public grids
  • Buy/sell peer-to-peer
  • Electric cars, solar, home energy storage can sell electricity during peak hours


  • Licensing


  • OpenBazar


  • trust is created through smart contracts and online reputation systems.

Digital currency reading list


coinbase master plan: https://blog.coinbase.com/the-coinbase-secret-master-plan-f4d644443301