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Updated: 2022-02-05

Smart contract != block chain != crypto currency

Bitcoin may be a hype; the underlying technology, known as Blockchain, could disrupt many industries. As long as you are dealing with transactional data, Blockchain can help.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system, which would provide secure and permanent records.

Blockchain's Promises

  • no downtime, no error or lost records. On traditional server architectures, if a single app is compromised or goes offline, many users and other apps are affected.
  • no censorship, transparent, safe, auditable, no fraud: multi-source identification
  • no third-party interference. By tokenizing the process and eliminating any middlemen

Blockchain's Applications

Or the industries that may be disrupted by Blockchain

blockchain solves



Zen Protocol

Use Cases

Whenever an Intermediary is Needed

Banking and Payment

Now money transfer needs to go through the banking systems. Problems: fees, time to clear the transaction.

Blockchain can provide a low fee and instant solution to money transfer.

Real Estate

Blockchain can store all the documents and transactions

  • reduce the paperwork required
  • reduce the cost of the transaction. Deedcoin reduces the agent commission rate from 6% to 1%.
  • secure: release funding only when the conditions are met.
  • send money cross-border
  • Abra: bitcoin-based remittance


  • blockchain can take care of voter registration, identity verification
  • count only the legitimit votes, no changes or removals.


  • securely storing medical records
  • accurately and safely transferred to and accessed by the doctors and people who are authorized.
  • Blockchain will aid in the authorization and identification of people.
  • Legal documents, like wills, can be securely store in Blockchain. Any changes to the documents will be authenticated and stored.
  • inheritance: easily pass down digital assets

Startup Funding

  • Pitch Ventures: startups pitch investors live in a secure manner.


  • reduce cost of video traffic by decentralizing video encoding, storage, and content distribution
  • VideoCoin


  • SocratesCoin

Cyber Security

Supply Chain

  • reduce time and cost on monitoring, avoiding human errors
  • track origin to verify authenticity(e.g. fair trade)

Analysis and Forcasting

  • Augur

Networking and IoT

  • eliminate need for centralized servers to handle communiacations


  • manage trust, ensure identity
  • aeternity

Ride Sharing

  • peer to peer ride sharing

Cloud Storage

  • avoid comprimise and missing data


  • track donations
  • bitgive


  • transparency in operation, reduce corruption

Employee Benefits


  • Energy producers and users trade through public grids
  • Buy/sell peer-to-peer
  • Electric cars, solar, home energy storage can sell electricity during peak hours


  • Licensing


  • OpenBazar


  • trust is created through smart contracts and online reputation systems.

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