Last Updated: 2023-02-05

Official website: https://chromeos.dev/


ChromeOS was originally based on Debian, but later moved to Gentoo.

If you run lsb_release -a in ChromeOS's terminal you will see Debian instead, that is because the terminal and other linux programs are actually running containers inside a VM on KVM.

Chromeos runs a VM called Termina to run Linux. (Linux apps and Android apps run in a secure sandbox inside of a virtualized environment. They aren’t running natively on the machine — they’re being virtualized and run separately from the rest of the OS.)

  • ChromeOS Terminal app is a session inside your penguin container.
  • crosh: Chrome Shell, this is different from the Terminal app. It is very limited. (Open Crosh: Ctrl + Alt + T)

System Info

  • Check system info: chrome://system
  • Check ChromeOS version: chrome://version

Trouble Shooting: Pixelbook keyboard flashing

Solution: recharge and reset (Press down Refresh button and tap power button).