Python Challenge - Level 14




Clue 1

In HTML source code:

<!-- remember: 100*100 = (100+99+99+98) + (...  -->

<img src="wire.png" width="100" height="100" />

This is the image:

Clue 2

Title of the HTML:

walk around

Clue 3

The image of the problem: we are looking at(for) something spiral!


Do not be fooled by that barcode-like image, it appears to be a square, that is because in HTML both the width and height are set as 100.

>>> from PIL import Image
>>> im ='../images/wire.png')
>>> im.size
(10000, 1)

The real size is not 100*100! It is 10000*1!

Based on all the clues, our assumption is to use the 10000 points from the given image, create another image of 100*100, by walking around the square from outside to inside, so we go right for 100 pixels, then down 99 pixels, then left 99 pixels, then up 98 pixels(clue 1).


from PIL import Image
im ='wire.png')
delta = [(1,0),(0,1),(-1,0),(0,-1)]
out ='RGB', [100,100])
x,y,p = -1,0,0
d = 200
while d/2>0:
    for v in delta:
        steps = d // 2
        for s in range(steps):
            x, y = x + v[0], y + v[1]
            out.putpixel((x, y),im.getpixel((p,0)))
            p += 1
        d -= 1'level_14_result.jpg')


It's a cat!

Next Level

and its name is uzi. you'll hear from him later.