Python Challenge - Level 26


Hurry up, I'm missing the boat


Send the email to [email protected] and get the response:

From: [email protected] Subject: Re: sorry Date:

Never mind that.

Have you found my broken zip?

md5: bbb8b499a0eef99b52c7f13f4e78c24b

Can you believe what one mistake can lead to?

As indicated there's only "one mistake". Try to modify the data and check by md5 code.

import hashlib

def search_and_save():
    for i in range(len(data)):
        for j in range(256):
            newData = data[:i] + bytes([j]) + data[i + 1:]
            if hashlib.md5(newData).hexdigest() == md5code:
                open('repaired.zip', 'wb').write(newData)

md5code = 'bbb8b499a0eef99b52c7f13f4e78c24b'
data = open('maze/mybroken.zip', 'rb').read()

The result is a picture with word "speed", plus the text:

Hurry up, I'm missing the boat

The final answer is speedboat

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Python 2 to 3

  • md5 module is deprecated, use hashlib.md5()
  • open() without explicitly specifying rb will use the default utf-8 codec for decoding.