Last Updated: 2022-08-06


Cloud providers are investing in some of the following areas to increase efficiency and profitability:

  • NIC Offload
  • ARM chips
  • Bare Metal Instances
  • GPU / APU / DPU for AI / ML / Data processing.
  • VMware support
  • containerized / serverless

Bare Metal

bare metal = no hypervisor, no vmware; (instead can use KVM or Kubevirt.)

ARM for Servers

  • AWS Graviton
  • Ampere Altra:
    • Customers: Oracle, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, HPE

NIC offload

(NIC based encryption for RPC)


  • integrity, privacy
  • improve RPC performance (QPS, bandwidth and latency)
  • improve disk performance
  • reduce CPU and memory usage
  • reduce power usage for crypto operations

Servers vs Services

Servers are long-lived pieces of software that provide services. A server is a collection of running services. The most common kinds of services: HTTP and RPC request-handling services.

Server Traffic management

  • load balancing
  • load shedding (throttling)
  • RPC client behaviors

Integration Patterns

  • API: contract driven
  • Event Driven
  • Data Stream Driven