Segment Tree Query II


For an array, we can build a SegmentTree for it, each node stores an extra attribute count to denote the number of elements in the the array which value is between interval start and end. (The array may not fully filled by elements)

Design a query method with three parameters root, start and end, find the number of elements in the in array's interval [start, end] by the given root of value SegmentTree.

Notice: It is much easier to understand this problem if you finished Segment Tree Build and Segment Tree Query first.


For array [0, 2, 3], the corresponding value Segment Tree is:

                     [0, 3, count=3]
                     /             \
          [0,1,count=1]             [2,3,count=2]
          /         \               /            \
   [0,0,count=1] [1,1,count=0] [2,2,count=1], [3,3,count=1]
  • query(1, 1), return 0
  • query(1, 2), return 1
  • query(2, 3), return 2
  • query(0, 2), return 2

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